Committed to superior quality and results.

With Cauvery Technical Services clients can be assured that their orders are processed from start to finish by an experienced team of managers, engineers, supervisors, draftsmen, and tradesmen who will deliver to their expectations. With a team of highly skilled MEP / Civil engineers / supervisors. 

Provide Effective Solutions

Cauvery Technical Services Est. specializes in turnkey Civil / MEP & interior fit-out works. The Company was established in 2015 and its emergence was a natural progression to cater to the ever-increasing market sophistication and requirements.

Our Approach

Aptitude for Technology

Strong Communication

Market Assessment

Quality Guarantee

Providing solutions of every kind, from start to end.

As a broad-based infrastructure group focused on developed markets, we have an attractive and balanced business profile. Invest with us in the world of tomorrow.

We deliver quality

We also offer this knowledge independently of construction as a service for industrial, public and private clients.

Always on time

We use a computer-aided method in planning and implementation that enables maximum efficiency.

We are passionate

Buildings are made for people. So that they can feel comfortable in it, live or work well in it.

Professional Services

We support our core business - construction - with a large number of engineering offers.

We have all your needs, from micro-macro planning.

Our goal is to become an innovative and leading force in the Middle East in the field of Civil / MEP and interiors for hotels, restaurants, malls, offices, showrooms, commercial buildings, villas, etc. Our designs are aimed at creating pleasant and captivating environments whether for commercial or residential projects.

Explore Recent Projects.

We offer the following products and services for Hotels, Restaurants, Malls, Offices, Showrooms, Commercial buildings, Ware House, Villas, etc. Each specification is carefully studied to extract the data, sequence, and layouts, which best satisfy the visual and aesthetic effects desired for the project in hand.





A Quality and Process Control System is maintained by Cauvery Technical Services. Our designs are aimed at creating pleasant and captivating environments whether for commercial or residential projects. High-quality materials imported from all over the world are used in joinery production. A  myriad of combinations is available for interior applications, which testify to the professionalism and expertise of our craftsmen and artisans.

Shop Drawings

Shop drawings are submitted to the lead consultant as required. Site conditions are verified and measurements taken prior to preparing shop drawings to ensure accurate installation of work.


Samples of materials, color and finishes etc. are submitted to the lead consultant for approval. Identical samples are held by our Quality Control Department.

Sample Unit

Product Data

Samples of typical panels are submitted to the lead consultant for review where necessary. Sample unites remain on site and in our factory as a standard for both manufacture and installation work.

Manufacturers’ product date is submitted for each item as required by the Consultant to verify evidence of compliance.

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