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Our Safety Procedures

Cauvery Technical Services Est is committed to providing a safe working environment for all its employees and project staff whether office-based or on-site.


Precautions will be taken to provide safe systems of work and to ensure that adequate instructions and information are available to enable potentially hazardous operations to be assessed and controlled.


Facilities will be provided to maintain proper consultation between management and employees, via routine safety meetings.


The company recognizes that early planning, effective prevention and control, personal protective equipment, accident reporting, and good records are all part of

an effective safety management policy.


Subcontractors are similarly bound by this policy and are required to perform assessments of their operations and materials and, in liaison with Cauvery Technical Services to provide a safe working environment for their employees and subcontractors.

Safe access to and from place of work.

Fire prevention.

Work in confined spaces.


Project Safety Procedures :

It is our intention that safety procedures associated with the following will be provided to the project personnel. They will be made available to site supervision in the form of instructions or approved method statements.

Substances hazardous to health.

Electricity on site.

Site plant and equipment.

Personal protection equipment.

Work at heights.


Hazard reporting and subsequent action will be executed by surveillance, formal and informal, undertaken by Cauvery Technical Services staff on-site and visiting safety/management personnel. Any breaches of procedure, or dangerous situations, will be notified to the responsible party, and work on the activity halted until corrective action is taken. First aid will be available to all on-site and the first aiders will be identified.


Emergency procedures will be dependent on the configuration and layout of permanent and temporary works and will address at the least safe access/exit in the case of fire.


Housekeeping and tidiness will be the responsibility of the Foreman. Subcontractors will be required to be involved in an effective housekeeping policy on site.


Visitors will not be allowed on-site without personal protection equipment and they will be accompanied by Cauvery Technical Services personnel.

Project Safety Plan:

The project safety plan has three functions:

To establish the safety management structure for the project.

To define the responsibilities for each person identified as having safety management duties.

To identify arrangements to minimize risks.

To ensure that subcontractors are aware of their responsibilities and carry out risk assessments accordingly.

Details of safety responsibilities will be documented in the Project Safety Plan for both Cauvery Technical Services staff and subcontractors.


Subcontractors will be required to submit method statements or risk assessments, which will be subject to approval.


The identification of materials, which require special handling, is also provided for in the safety plan together with precautions and responsibility for action. The control of substances hazardous to health will also be detailed.